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Writing Prompt: “Hopeless Romantic”

We are both two young souls stuck in a generation we were never meant to be in. We're both lost, taking up forms and personalities that don't belong to us. We can talk of politics, religion, growing up, remembering the past, we ponder the questions of life itself. We can take long walks together, admire… Continue reading Writing Prompt: “Hopeless Romantic”

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The Little Things

Hey Rainy Readers! How are you? So, recently I have been getting caught up in the dramas of life; homework, choosing future schools, new years resolutions, friendship struggles and so much more. I had been getting so involved in all of these really important things, that recently, I really have been forgetting that the main reason… Continue reading The Little Things

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Growing | A Short Story

“Get the hell up!” The door slammed open, “It’s six O’clock! You need to get to work, we've got a long day ahead of us!” “Yeah, okay… I’m up.” Cecelia smooshed her face into the cold pillow, her hair as wild as ever, and her eyes still full of sleep. “I’m getting up, I’m getting… Continue reading Growing | A Short Story

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A Split Second

I sit in silence But all around me is loud. The melody of birds The distant calls of children The slight sound of whispering wind All carry me to a different time. A time when all was well, And we were happy. When we played in these same ivy covered trees And searched for caterpillars… Continue reading A Split Second

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My Novel | Restarting from Scratch

Hello Rainy Readers, How are you? In a past post (A Big Project!), I talked about my novel that I started working on. If you're interested, you can check out that link, that way you may be a little bit more filled in if you haven't read it before :). Anyways, so I have been (attempting)… Continue reading My Novel | Restarting from Scratch

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January Favorites :)

Dear Rainy Readers, Happy January! Happy january? Is that something people actually say haha oh my gosh. For this post I'm going to try something that I've never tried before; I am  going to update you on a few things that I am really loving in this month! I recommend checking out these things if you… Continue reading January Favorites 🙂

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Blogger Recognition Award

Hello Rainy Readers, So, a looong time ago, The amazing Mademoiselle O'Lantern nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award! Her blog is absolutely adorable, so you should definitely check her out. She posts about makeup, fashion, and lifestyle mostly, and she does her makeup fantastically! Here are the Rules: Thank the Blogger who nominated you,… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award